Discover the history and production of our coffee, from the planting process to the delicious coffee cup. Learn everything about the organic production of a coffee of excellence. We invite you to spend a relaxing, entertaining, interesting and completely natural day in the midst of the greenery of a sustainable farm. In our Finca Lecanto you will enjoy the fresh and pure air of San Ramon mountains, and all the beautiful landscapes around you.

With the Lecanto Coffee Tour, you will learn the differences between a traditional coffee plantation and an organic one, you will be part of the experience of seeing and hearing an organic production farm; as well as the interaction between the environment, plants, insects and birds.

You will learn about the coffee history in Costa Rica, our Lecanto Project and the production of an excellent organic coffee. You will also learn about the microorganisms function and the bio-inputs that are used to organically produce our coffee. You will visit our micro-beneficiary and the initial processing methods of the coffee grain. If possible, you will enjoy picking the coffee, while learning about the ecological function of plant species, mammals and insects in the coffee plantation.

The tour will conclude with a delicious cup of Lecanto Coffee with a snack, while appreciating the San Ramon city and mountains.
Tour duration: 75 minutes.
Cost: Nationals ₡7.000 – Foreigners $22 – Private Tour $25 per person
Schedule: 8:00 am, 11:00 am and 2:00 pm
Language: English or Spanish
Difficulty level: Medium
The tour includes: Guided visit to our coffee plantation and micro benefit; in addition, at the end of the tour you will enjoy a delicious cup of Lecanto coffee, along with a snack prepared in our restaurant.
Recommendations: Comfortable shoes and clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent and camera/phone.
Pet friendly in case of private tour, always on a leash.
Additionally, you can participate in our reforestation program helping the environment by planting a tree (which will be named after you) at no additional cost.

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