Lecanto is an agricultural company, which includes the production and marketing processes of certified organic coffee and other products for healthy food, based on quality and environmental and social sustainability.

The company Lecanto includes an organic farm. Arabica, honey and medium-roasted coffee are grown in it. As well as edible products such as tomato, chili and various vegetables, completely organic.

It is an energetically self-sustaining farm, stocking up on photovoltaic systems. It also has a water harvesting system, with rainwater storage tanks for crop irrigation. The farm has a system for the production of bioinputs, biofertilizers, biorepellents and microorganisms, among others.

Lecanto also seeks to market the products of the organic farm, as well as other farmers who grow sustainably, free of agrochemicals, giving them the opportunity to have access to a market of consumers seeking healthy products. For this it has a physical and a virtual store and will be in the near future driving more such stores in the country, which also sell in bulk.


We are a company of Production and marketing of high quality organic products, causing a supply of healthy products, organic and free of agrochemicals, that favor the health of people and that promote the care of the environment while producing for the consumer market.


To be recognized as a leading company in the production and marketing of high quality organic edible products and with very high standards of environmental protection, including carbon fixation through sustainable agriculture.


  1. Protection of human health through an offer of organic and agrochemical-free products.
  2. Achieve environmental protection processes while still producing and marketing.
  3. We care a lot about people: teamwork and respect for diversity.
  4. Humility: we are part of an ecosystem, we are promoters of agriculture and organic products, constantly learning and interdependent with social groups and individuals and with the environment.


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