We have seeds that we are maintaining and caring for without the use of chemicals. I detail how the management of the farm has been since the idea of using the whole farm only with organic treatments was born, this idea if it started in 2006, when my wife Silvia Chaves, received inheritance of this farm, and as it was used by people who worked traditionally with chemicals, starts at that time, only with the decrease of chemicals.

Carlos Araya has worked in human promotion and development at the Latin American level so he knows the effects of chemicals, which are not good for nature or man.   Hence, in 2010 when the farm was fully taken over, the chamber of industry did a training of this type of products, here was created the company of products friendly to the environment, at that time spoke of ecodesign and here was seen the impacts of the environment.
In 2010 if the coffee was renovated, everything I had planted at the time was torn up, the ground was left to rest for 2 years, so that it would be purified.

Already in 2006 it had been reduced, but already in 2010, they were completely eliminated, since 2007 climate change agreement was signed. For the year 2010, we began to plant different products, and at that time a differentiated coffee is planted.

In all these years only natural products are used, even for ants we used for example rice, bean broth and more. Personally, Mr. Carlos Araya led an intensive course where he learned to make Bocachi, natural repellents, Bioferments, Bioinputs, nutrients, foliar fertilizers.

In 2008 as part of the project reforestation trees were bought some were bought at Earth and in the part of Los Santos, in the nursery of a cooperative in the area. We have reforested with more than 1000 trees, aiming that most of them are fruit and edible for animals, with mostly citrus trees, to have a different production.   More than 1000 banana bushes were introduced in 2016.    He spent several years working like this, but in order for coffee to be bought from us in a differentiated way, the process of certification of the estate began. Process was successfully completed in April 2021.

Water pumping is done with battering rams, to remove and not use gasoline engines, and we mounted solar panels in 2018 throughout the estate.

Currently, we have in a related company that has a Bioprospecting laboratory, where Bioinputs, Biofertilizers, Bauveria, Biorepellents, applications for nematode and insect control are made.

In addition, the owner of the estate is a professional person in the environment, master in Environmental Education, therefore it is a matter of lifestyle couple.

For the marketing of coffee, we work with Icafé to sell all the coffee sourced from Lecanto as a producer to Lecanto as a benefit so here it is sold in the store of the same Lecanto, the store is located in the center of San Ramón and we work with the products of the farm and with the purchase from external suppliers everything in a convenience store with friendly products with the environment and sale of products in bulk.

Projects that have not yet been implemented or concluded, in process: coffee export, product packaging, this part of the building is under construction, coffee tasting area, Milling, dehydrated fruit, tourism income to know the whole process of an organic farm, it is estimated a period of 5 years to start with the implementation of these processes.

Finca Lecanto offers 100% organic coffee, of Arabic species, with varieties such as F1, Obata, Catigua and San Isidro, so it guarantees a good production and excellent cup, also the soil where it is grown is of volcanic origin, which benefits the bean in a good acidity, body and aroma. We process all of our coffee, as we have our own profit, so we highlight its benefits for the final consumer.

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